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Makeup Artist "Must-Haves" on Amazon - Hygiene and Accessories

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Working as a Makeup Artist can be expensive and there's a lot of little bits and bobs you constantly need to purchase. If you're a newly qualified Makeup Artist and looking to build up your kit, then you might find this very helpful. These products are useful for everyone to have though. Whether you're a Makeup Artist or not! Luckily, a lot of these essentials can be found on Amazon. I purchase most of my hygiene supplies on Amazon, and this is a list of a few:


The are essential to have in your kit. Disposable wands are used for applying mascara to your clients. The wands that's actually attached to the tube of product shouldn't EVER be used, on anyone! The last thing you want to do is contaminate your makeup kit with a clients germs, and then pass them on to your next appointment. These are only around £5 and usually have around 100-200 wands included.


This is my favourite hand sanitizing gel as it's alcohol free. This is a benefit because alcohol can dry out your hands and I know I am not in any rush to get dry wrinkly hands! You should be sanitizing your hands as often as you can because you are often touching products and then touching the clients face, so it's very easy to carry bacteria on those paws.


So this might seem like a weird one, but it is an essential! Baby shampoo is one of the cheapest and best ways (in my opinion) to deep clean your makeup brushes. Brushes that you use to apply foundation or any cream products can build up very quickly, so you'll be wanting to be deep cleaning your brushes after EVERY working day. In between clients you can get a brush spray that will quickly remove any products from the brush, but a deep clean still needs to be done to keep your tools clean and usable!


Lighting in your photos is very important. To truly show off your makeup you can't be taking photos with a yellow ceiling bulb creating a shadow on your clients face: just doesn't look good. Full sized ring lights can be a bit of the pricey side, but are worth the purchase. If you can't afford to be spending £70-£300 on a light, then this is an amazing substitute. These little lights can be clipped onto your phone and the brightness can be adjusted at the click of a button. I promise you, once the lighting is better in your photos, they will come to life.


These little beauties will save the day when you least expect it. There are many different things cotton buds can be used for besides cleaning your ears but it is important that they're 'pointed' at the tip. This is because I often use them for cleaning up winged liner or lipstick and if the end of the tip is rounded, you'll just have yourself and smudged mess. If you're doing a bold red lip and the edges aren't quite sharp enough for your liking, then pop a small amount of concealer on the Q tip and wipe along. One side will pick up any out of place lipstick while the other side glides concealer to clean up your mistake! Thank me later.


Most consumers purchase these for holidays or weekends away, but they are perfect to have in your kit. Some of the things you always need to carry are: Water, 99% Alcohol, Sanitizing cream/gel, Lip Balm and moisturizer. These containers are perfect to decant your products into instead of carrying around more than you have to! Just make sure you label each of the bottles!


You wouldn't believe how quickly you go through these suckers, so it's definitely a good idea to buy in bulk. These are used along side a Makeup remover to clean the client's skin before makeup application. You will also find yourself using them on your hands to remove the artistic palette you've created!

I hope that you have found this helpful in some way, whether it's just topping up your personal essentials or building your professional kit. Every individual will have certain products that they find work best so always have a little play round until you find yours!

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