• Cinzia Scarpetta

Instagram Makeup - How to Achieve it

Back before Instagram or Facebook was even a thing, Bebo and Myspace were the main places you'd find people posting about their makeup looks. The standard and style of Makeup since those days has however dramatically changed, for better and for worse. Makeup on social media platforms, particularly on Instagram has become so much more popular during the last few years. Now, if you type in 'Makeup' on Instagram, you will often find a lot of colour, glitter, bold lips and just a lot of makeup in general. How can you actually achieve that achieve that 'Instagram model makeup'?

First, lets be brutally honest. People's expectations of makeup and what it can actually do has become so insane because of one thing, editing. Editing your photos on Instagram has become a normal thing to a lot of people. Oh, you have a spot? Lets just crop that out. Want your hair to look brighter? Lets put a filter on it. Sometimes without us even realizing, we're editing our photos. I get clients coming to me all the time with 'inspo' photos of how they would like to have their makeup done and I promise you, a good 80% of the time those images are edited. I can easily spot an edited photo as I've seen so many of them, and have definitely edited out my dark circles in my own photos. But the problem starts when Artists begin editing the actual makeup. Drawing a perfect winged liner on Photoshop of Face Tune is actually a thing! So that is something you have to take into account when attempting to achieve this flawless look.

Secondly, lighting. You will notice on all these amazing photos, the 'model' always has a bright light shining towards his/her face and is never in a small, dark room. Having good lighting in your photos will not only get more attention, but also show off the makeup better. Artists and Photographer's use 'ring lights' which are designed to add a powerful amount of light to a specific place. Below is the one I use for my client images.

If you can't afford to purchase a ring light, then try taking your photo outside, or by a large window where a lot of natural daylight floods in.

Step three: Now although it's not my favourite style of makeup, it has become very popular to wear full, and I mean FULL glam in Instagram photos. So this definitely means contouring the face, over lining the lips and adding that bold winged eyeliner. I know this style really isn't everyone's cup of tea (nor is it mine) but this is the trend that you will often see floating all over the internet. Don't take it to the point where you're feeling uncomfortable though, because makeup is designed for the exact opposite reason. Just have a play with your techniques and products and you will soon find out what works for you.

Last but not least, know your angles and have confidence! When taking a selfie for "The Gram", it's important to get a good shot of the beautiful art you've just created on your face, right? So make sure you're using a good quality camera and holding it nice and high to allow the light to come into the photo. If you're finding it hard at first just keep practicing!! Sometimes it can feel a bit awkward taking a photo of yourself if you're not used to it, but the more you're holding that camera, the more confident you'll feel.

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